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   In response to the great commission, we humbly ask Him: what concrete action can we take. God gave a strong impression for us to move in the field of education. If the Christian faith is instilled systematically and continuously from an early age, we have a greater chance of reaping a smart generation that will have an impact on God's Kingdom on this earth. It's not just the generation that has survived the world's influences. We believe that education must seek change and reform of individuals, groups and societies.

   Then we pondered and formulated the most appropriate method so that Christian schools really build the mind of Christ in students, build intimacy with God and train students to live divinely. Thus, all the processes and time taken ultimately lead the student to fulfill God's purpose for his life. 
   Good Christian education should be spread as widely as possible. We therefore focus specifically on families with difficult economic conditions. Families who struggle to survive, often neglect their children's education.
  If this problem continues, it will be difficult for them to break the chain of poverty and generation after generation will continue to live pre-prosperous and become marginalized. Doesn't Jesus love them

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