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New Student Admission Standard

The Terang Nusantara Classical School provides a special classical and Christ-centered education for children who have average and above average abilities. Our goal is to provide a challenging academic environment that also develops our students' faith and Christian traditions. Every academic ability, motivation to go to school, Christian character, interest in extracurricular, and family commitment of the prospective student, will be considered.

We seek and pray for what is best for your child, family and school. Sekolah Classical Terang Nusantara reserves the right to refuse or delay the acceptance of a prospective student, if his abilities, behavior, or spiritual development indicate that he or she will not be suitable for our school.

Although both parents and students are not required to be Christians, parents must have a clear understanding of the doctrines, philosophies, and methodologies applied by the Terang Nusantara Classical School. The main elements of classical Protestant Christianity, expressed in our creed, will be taught openly throughout the class. Parents who choose the Terang Nusantara Classical School are expected to cooperate and enforce the school's philosophy, policies, and curriculum, voluntarily.

Terms and Conditions

  1. For prospective Playgroup students, a minimum of 3 years old per date. July 1, 2022

  2. For prospective TK A students, a minimum of 4 years old as of date. July 1, 2022

  3. For prospective TK B students, the minimum age is 5 years as of the date. July 1, 2022

  4. For prospective 1st grade students, they are 6 years old as of date. July 1, 2022

  5. For prospective junior high school students Grade 7: currently attending elementary school with a formal sector national curriculum;

  6. For those who do not comply with the provisions above, we invite you to contact the Admissions Department for the intended level to confirm the registration requirements.

Required Documents

Registration Form

Copy of birth certificate

Copy of Family Card

Copy of ID card of father and mother

Photocopy of Passport and KITAS (For Foreigners only)

Recent photographs: 2 sheets of size 3x4; 2 sheets size 2x3

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