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We are people who want to obey the Bible's mandate to “be a blessing” to the nation (Genesis 12:2-3). One of the ways on our wishlist is to create a school that truly becomes “a light to the nations” (Isaiah 49:6).

Initially, we were just parents who wanted to take God's commandment seriously “To educate their children in the teachings and counsel of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4), by providing education taught from a biblical worldview. Started with a homeschool group in 2003, by Mrs. Agnes Tahar and Mrs. Julie Hansen, a year later, the Cahaya Bangsa Classical School formal school was established.

Now Cahaya Bangsa Classical School has around 962 students ranging from preschool to grade twelfth, it is time to start another school that can reach more people. In 2014 the Terang Nusantara Classical School was started, initially to meet the educational needs of several children with single parents. We started from the earliest level, namely Kindergarten and Playgroup.

Good education is expensive. But we believe that God will meet all operational costs without lowering our quality standards in the slightest. That is why the Terang Nusantara Classical School tries to answer the need for a good education at an affordable cost.



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